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Dear All, Dear Classic car enthusiasts,

Tacotroc.com is a name that may ring a bell. (https://www.tacotroc.com/qui-sommes-nous/)

We have been communicating about the project since September 2018 ( https://www.facebook.com/tacotroc/ ), and about the company since end of June 2019.

After a maturing phase, and a difficult technical development phase, our website went on line since mid -November 2019 four months behind schedule. ( https://www.tacotroc.com)

As the medias started to publish about our work, we were counting a lot on our Web tool and on the first rays of sunshine to mobilize our audience.

Sadly, forced by Covid-19, meetings were proscribed, events postponed, fairs / shows cancelled, depriving us all possibilities to introduce our solution.

Assistances measures to start-up businesses have been insufficient and slow in coming.

Despite an important personal financial commitment, subsidies obtained, and loans taken out, delays are adding up. Our financial means is eroding.

So, Tacotroc.com is seeking for other funding to subsist itself over the crisis.

We are calling on our community and all interested persons to help Tacotroc.com to preserve the jobs created and to continue its development (as a platform for the automobile enthusiast community).

At this point, we are looking for donations, offering fee reduction to those who offer goods for sale goods on our web site.(for details: contact@tacotroc.com)

We thank you right now for your gesture and whatever amount it is, it will wholeheartedly be appreciated.

Web link towards the money-box : https://www.okpal.com/roule-avec-tacotroc-com/